The powerful ELASTOFLEX – the elastic long-stretch bandage

The elastic long-stretch bandage with a strong weave is characterized by a high stretching behavior of approx. 200%. This makes it particularly suitable for support bandages, relief bands, compression bandages and sports bandages. In addition, ELASTOFLEX guarantees an optimal effect on enlarged veins in phlebological and lymphological care. And without causing pressure problems. Due to the high elasticity, the long-stretch bandage adapts to the deformation of the leg. Skin and muscles are exposed to a permanent fine massage, which also supports the healing process.


  • especially skin-friendly
  • breathable
  • dimensionally stable
  • long wearing comfort without incising
  • strong pull for very good supportive effect
  • washable and steam sterilizable



Varicose vein formation, lower leg ulcers, post-treatment of phlebitis or varicose vein surgery, disease of the ligament and holding apparatus, sports injuries


In case of overexertion (standing professions), to avoid varicose vein formation, to prevent embolism after operations


100% cotton with woven, wound rubber threads