VenaFlex compression products are available in various designs, compression classes and colours and are used, among other things, for the treatment and prevention of venous and lymphatic diseases such as leg vein thrombosis.

Compression stockings enclose the leg from the outside and thus exert targeted pressure on the tissue and the venous blood vessels. This pressure relieves the veins and lymph vessels by reducing the outflow from the blood capillaries into the tissue and compressing venous blood vessels to a smaller diameter so that insufficient venous valves close again and fulfil their function as backflow valves. The external pressure also increases the flow velocity of the blood and facilitates venous return to the heart. The legs can become less swollen because the tissue fluid is absorbed into the veins again and can flow away better.

A compression stocking is made in such a way that the pressure increases from top to bottom, analogous to the tissue pressure due to gravity. The compression is therefore higher in the foot area than in the thigh area.

Product details

VenaFlex products:

  • Calf stocking (AD) open and closed toe – Extra Fine
  • Thigh high (AG) open and closed toe – Extra Fine
  • Stockings (AT) – Extra Fine
  • Supporting calf stocking (AD) – Cotton
  • Thigh high stocking (AG) – Exclusive
  • Supporting calf stocking (AD) – Exclusive
  • Diabetic socks with and without sole massage

Special characteristics:

  • skin-friendly and supple wearing comfort
  • high abrasion and puncture resistance in sole and heel for long stocking life
  • open or closed toe for high wearing comfort
  • easy care, dimensional stability and colour fastness
  • permanent antibacterial finish



  • Physical decongestion
  • Varicose veins, lower leg ulcers, post-treatment of phlebitis or varicose vein surgery, disease of the ligamentous and retaining apparatus, sports injuries


For heavy legs and swollen feet, e.g. during pregnancy, travelling and sports. For overexertion (standing jobs), to prevent the formation of varicose veins, for embolism prophylaxis after operations

Stockings, thigh highs, calf highs

Extra Fine: 25% Lycra, 75% Polyamide
Exclusive: 60% Polyester, 29% Polyamide, 11% Elastane
Cotton: 46% Cotton, 18% Lycra, 36% Polyamide

Diabetic socks

43% Cotton, 43% Viscose, 13% Polyamide, 1% Elastane

Calf stockings „Extra Feine“