Branded products from ELASTOTEX. Made in Germany.

Each of our bandages is characterized by high elasticity. They are ideal for compression bandages, support bandages, relief bandages as well as for sports bandages and surgical bandages. Depending on the areas of application and requirements, we have developed the ELASTOFLEX and SYLASTEX product lines together with specialists. They differ in stretch ability, fabric structure and tensile strength. Different weaves and materials ensure the best results in therapy and prevention treatments.

Many patients suffering from lipedema, lymphedema, venous disease, sports injuries and other complaints have our products prescribed by a doctor and settle them with health insurance.

The ELASTOFLEX product line is made from 100% natural raw materials such as cotton and natural rubber. In order to ensure the long-lasting elasticity of the SYLASTEX product line, artificially produced rubber threads are used in the production. Our bandage materials are dermatologically highly compatible and ideally suited for professional medical care. The special feature: We take individual customer requests into account. With variable lengths and colors, we complement our range according to your needs. Each of our elastic long-stretch bandages and short-stretch bandages can be used in many ways. They have proven themselves on the market and with our customers for many years.

Prevention and treatment – connect with our diversity.

Support, relieve and compress with ELASTOTEX.

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Company history

Our company history is just as flexible as our bandages. That's because our roots date back to the year 1727 and stretch into the present day with special products for unique needs.



Georg Schöne founded one of the first ribbon factories in Großröhrsdorf, equipped with hand looms.


Mechanical Ribbon and Belt Factory

Seventy years later, his grandson established the country's first mechanical ribbon and belt factory. The main products were belts for various industries, such as the automotive and clothing industry.



In 1972, the company had to continue its operation as a state-owned enterprise due to nationalization.



With the reprivatization in 1990, the family-owned company maintained production. In addition to the core range, the production was expanded to include medical dressings, such as the now well-known Ideal Binden and Pütter Binden.



However, in 2013, a lack of succession planning marked the end of the Schöne era.


Elastotex Verbandsstoffe

Under new leadership and a new direction, the production of elastic bandaging materials continued. However, the values and traditions of the Schöne family have remained. They still shape our company philosophy today—sustainability and the highest quality in every product.