Which width is intended for which body part?

Narrow bandages (4cm wide) are suitable for wrists and ankles or for toe compression, wider bandages (6-10 cm wide) are suitable for joints such as knees and elbows.

What material are the bandages made of?

ELASTOFLEX: pure cotton and covered rubber (natural rubber)

SYLASTEX: 88% cotton, 12% polyurethane

Is the short-stretch bandage also available in colored versions?

No, the short-stretch bandage is not available in color due to the nature of the material.

Are the bandages available without a prescription at the pharmacy?

Yes, our bandages are available in many pharmacies. If your pharmacy does not have the bandages in stock, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can private individuals buy the bandages directly?

Yes, please contact us about this.

Are the bandages also available in other lengths?

Yes, we can also produce the bandages in other lengths, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What distinguishes the product?

We use pure natural products to produce our bandages: pure cotton and covered rubber (natural rubber).

Which width or length is optimal for me?

It depends on the type of use, for wrists and ankles narrower bandages (4cm), for arms and legs the wider bandages (8-10cm) are to be used.
With the length there is the possibility to choose between 3.5m stretched to 10m stretched. Here again it depends on what should be bandaged, only the calf or the whole leg.

Are the bandages washable or reusable?

Wash the bandage in lukewarm water with the addition of mild detergent and then rinse well. Lay the bandage flat to dry or hang it up briefly. After washing / drying and after each use, wrap the bandage loosely. Washable at 30 degrees (ELASTOFLEX), max. 60 degrees (SYLASTEX).

Why do I need a long-stretch bandage and a short-stretch bandage?

Long-stretch bandage: The elastic property brings a constant pressure with it, which is almost the same at rest and under load and therefore has a low stiffness index (SSI) (no or only minor massage effect). Such an effect is particularly recommended for less mobile patients who cannot operate their calf muscle pump.

Short-stretch bandage: Short-stretch systems deliver a low resting pressure and a high working pressure, which creates a significant massage effect when walking. This massage effect reactivates the effectiveness of the muscle pump by promoting the venous flow from the surface to the depth. Short pull systems are therefore very effective in treating severe stages of CVI, especially in treating venous leg ulcers and severe edema, because they significantly improve venous return and lymphatic drainage. They are effective in sufficiently mobile patients and are particularly recommended for severe edema.